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How we work

Discovery & Strategy

Like every great product always consist of a superb master plan and intelligible goals, so does Widelynx! We highly emphasize on strategy development, where we will collaborate with your team to build a strategy in order to achieve the right objectives leading to success as well as ensuring it hits those very performance goals to deliver a solid product, rather than just taking your conditions into account and reaching to a solution for it. Once we are going to be done building the master plan, it would be of vital convenience to know about our business in depth, for which we will:

- Analyze the market
- Perform User Interviews
- Review Analytics and
- We will refine the data into the user stories and help you to decide what further steps you should take.

Tools we use

Design Process UI, UX, ID

If you don’t have a thoughtful user experience then your apps, websites, and big data are useless. That’s why we take a user-centric design approach to every product we develop.

It's a lot beneficial to have a thoughtful user experience for apps, websites, and big data otherwise it is pointless for you to have them, which is why we take an user-centric design approach to every product we build. Our main emphasis on designing will be on:

User Experience
Due to this user-centric approach users will be able to combine form and functions in such an order that users will be able to find the information they need instantly within a short span of time. We leverage efficient testing tools and approaches to comprehend how users will interact with your product, which will enable us to identify the maximum user engagement and satisfaction.
Visual Design
As researches have shown that information reach out to users more rapidly and consciously in visual than texts, therefore you can count on your design to be extremely graphical. Our designing wizards move swiftly from wireframe to designs to interactive prototypes to attain an exceptional design for your product.
Mobile first design
As we are extremely skillful at mobile-first development, our main agenda would be on the key functionality for users and henceforth we come up with peerless results on user-experiences that work on any device, any platform and at any time.

Tools we use

Agile Development

Whether you need a mobile or web app or even when you need to access big data in an usable format, Widelynx has you all covered! Because:
Enterprise Application Development
We are experts in enterprise software developments such as web solutions, ERP, HRM and CRM systems, mobile and desktop apps for enterprises across a variety of industry domains.
Web Application Development
Widelynx is massively experienced when it comes to web development as we can build, launch and support websites and web-based applications upto any kind of scale and any kind of perplexity.
Mobile Application Development
We provide mobile programming services to all three renowned mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows). We modify mobile apps, mobile-friendly websites, platform migration solutions, interface design and many more.
Software Product Development
Our team will help you create an eminent and commercially successful software solutions consisting of retail software, social networks integration, mobile apps etc. We develop solutions to the defined parameters of your business.

Tools, Frameworks and Platforms


Board Members

We believe that a great company starts with great people where executives lead by example. Meet our board members.

SM Shabbir Hossain

Chief Executive Officer

Jaber Murshed Chowdhury


Pragna Laboni


Iftekharul Islam


Paramasevan Ramamasmy